About the Pyroformer™

Researchers at the European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI) at Aston University have developed an innovative bioenergy solution based on intermediate pyrolysis – a Pyroformer™ – unique in its use of multiple waste feedstocks to generate cost-effective heat and power.

This technology combines heat and chemical treatments in a sealed environment to produce oil and gas that is used to drive Combined Heat and Power engines. The reaction temperature for this process is around 400 - 500˚C. The controlled thermal treatment and chemical reforming process produces a vapour stream that is free from particulates and tars and eliminates the need for expensive filtration systems. The process also does not require expensive pre-treatment processes as the Pyroformer™ is able to process pellets and briquettes.

The process generates oil, gas and biochar. The oil and gas can be used to drive engines for energy generation whilst biochar can be used as a fertilizer to increase crop yields and also for carbon sequestration by storing carbon in the ground.

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EBRI’s patented Pyroformer™
EBRI's patented Pyroformer™ takes waste products and residues (such as husks and straw) and converts them in controlled conditions.

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