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EBRI leads and delivers a range of research projects and collaborations with partners in the West Midlands, UK, Europe and beyond. Projects focus on the adoption of bioenergy technologies in both urban and rural settings and the provision of support to businesses, organisations and local authorities to enable them to make informed bioenergy decisions.

We are highly experienced in leading and developing projects, bidding for funding and have an ever-expanding network of domestic and international partners from both business and academia. We welcome opportunities for collaboration in the UK and beyond.

EnergyHarvest project
EBRI's EnergyHarvest project is using wheat and rice harvest waste in the Punjab region of India to generate electricity

Below are details of EBRI's current projects:

European Union funded
UK funded  
Industry funded

We are currently working with SMEs through to multi-national companies on research for their organisation. As each piece of research is bespoke to the organisation, it is subject to confidentiality agreements. We are happy to undertake bespoke research and consultancy to overcome issues for your organisation. Please get in touch with us to see how we can help.

  • EnergyHarvest
    Helping to tackle the problem of open field buring in India by utilising the harvest residues for bioenergy using a mobile pyrolysis unit that cane be transported by tractor.  

  • Leverhulme - Royal Society Africa Award Sustainable Biofuel Production from Ghanaian and Tanzanian Oil Seed Crops
    Building research capacity within the Universities of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and the University of Ghana in the development of heterogeneous catalysts for clean technologies and the sustainable utilisation of waste oil seed derived biomass in biorefining.

International research 
  • PyNE
    Accelerating the rate of implementation and success of fast pyrolysis for fuels and chemicals.       


Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research