Project Staff

Tom Anderson, Business Development Manager

Tom Anderson, EBRI Business Development Manager

Tom is a low carbon and economic development specialist with experience of working in industry as well as the public and voluntary sectors. As EBRI Business Development Manager, Tom is responsible for working with businesses to develop commercial bioenergy supply chain opportunities within the West Midlands. Tom has previously held management positions at International Synergies Limited and Advantage West Midlands where he worked in the energy and waste sectors. He has experience of developing low carbon innovation projects and business development in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Tel: 0121 204 3345     Email: t.anderson1@aston.ac.uk

Amelia Beckford, EBRI Administrator

Amelia Beckford, EBRI Administrator

Amelia deals with all of the administration for EBRI and its ERDF funded project. 

Tel: 0121 204 3829     Email: a.beckford1@aston.ac.uk



Gurinder Bhopal, EBRI Project Accountant

Gurinder Bhogal, EBRI Project Accountant

As the Project Accountant for EBRI, Gurinder looks after all finance and procurement issues relating to EBRI’s ERDF funded project. His experience includes financial management, budget preparation, forecasting, financial claim submission, expenditure monitoring, invoicing, research grant finance, liaison with funding bodies and the maintenance of de minims. Gurinder has previously held positions at Aston University, epyx Limited and Severn Trent Water.
Tel: 0121 204 3614     Email: g.s.bhogal@aston.ac.uk

Kavita Dubb, BioenNW Administrator

Kavita Jeerh, BioenNW Interreg IVB Project Assistant

Kavita deals with all administration for EBRI's BioenNW project. 

Tel: 0121 204 4321     Email: k.jeerh@aston.ac.uk



Joanna Fletcher, BioenNW Project Manager

Joanna Fletcher, BioeNW Interreg IVB Project Manager

Joanna came to the UK from Poland in 2004 to work at Advantage West Midlands (AWM). After AWM’s closure in 2010 she moved to Birmingham Science Park Aston before joining Aston University in 2012. Joanna specialises in climate change, emissions trading schemes and anaerobic digestion. She has managed a wide range of multimillion European Union funded partnership projects aimed at policy, good practice and skills exchange in the field of manufacturing, bioenergy, ICT, automotive, incubation of high value added companies and venture capital. She helped to establish and develop Climate KIC, one of three knowledge and innovation communities created under the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Joanna is the Project Manager of BioenNW, a project focused on delivering local bioenergy to North West Europe.  
Tel: 0121 204 4303     Email: j.fletcher@aston.ac.uk

Tim Miller, EBRI Project Manager

Tim Miller, Director of Operations

Tim's role involves managing the growth and development of EBRI. This includes knowledge transfer and business support as well as launching a new and disruptive technology into a complex market place. His back ground includes board membership of the United Kingdom Science Parks Association, development of an industrial interface strategy with University of Nottingham, plus the launch and management of university spin off companies in technology growth sectors. He has won EU awards for project design and delivery from Enterprise and Innovation directorate as well as the Information Society Technology programme. Tim has worked as a consultant and expert for the URBACT programme, Eurocities and ERISA.
Tel: 0121 204 3583     Email: t.miller1@aston.ac.uk 

Louise Russell, EBRI Marketing and Communications Officer

Louise Russell, EBRI Marketing and Communications Officer

Louise is responsible for implementing and overseeing all marketing and communication activities for EBRI. Her role is extensive and involves strategy, PR, media, publications, website, social media, events, external and internal communications. Louise has over 10 years of marketing and communications experience in both higher education and arts marketing. She has previously worked at Malvern Theatres, University of Worcester and Aston University before joining the EBRI team in January 2012.
Tel: 0121 204 4637     Email: l.a.russell1@aston.ac.uk

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