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The European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI) delivers world-class bioenergy and energy systems research. It acts as a focus for international activities on scientific and technological aspects of biomass conversion and utilisation of products for renewable power, heat, transport fuels, hydrogen and chemicals.

Innovative research and development of bioenergy technologies has taken place at Aston University for over 40 years, led by Professor Tony Bridgwater of Aston’s Bioenergy Research Group (BERG). In 2008, the University’s bioenergy research capabilities were joined together to create the European Bioenergy Research Institute – an Institute to deliver world-class research and technology development in bioenergy and energy systems.


As Europe strives to meet significant carbon reduction targets, EBRI’s work in developing the role and business case for bioenergy, has never been more important. We are committed to understanding, creating and conducting world-class bioenergy research and technology development and to communicate its importance and role for society. Our work demonstrates that there is a viable, sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.


EBRI’s role in society reaches beyond bioenergy research and technology development – we’re also experts in working with SMEs and businesses to ensure others are able to benefit from EBRI’s innovations. Our unbiased technical knowledge and insight, coupled with an understanding and appreciation of the bioenergy and business marketplaces, enables us to work to create commercial opportunities that will benefit society and create growth and prosperity within the West Midlands region, UK, Europe and beyond. Our team offers a range of services and testing, designed to meet the needs of business and industry. We lead, and are part of, many prestigious research projects and welcome collaboration opportunities with academia and industry.


EBRI is creating and inspiring the next generation of bioenergy researchers and business professionals. We are proactive in creating opportunities for young researchers and PhD students to work directly with businesses so that industry is able to benefit from the latest thinking and findings within the research and academic fields of bioenergy.


EBRI is at the centre of many bioenergy networks throughout the world.

Our international outlook influences all we do and enables us to bring global perspectives and practices to our work. We currently have research and professional staff from over 20 countries working at EBRI.

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Student opportunities

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