Datascape - 3D Immersive Data Visualisation

David Burden
Managing Director, Daden Limited

 Date:  4th December 2012 (Tuesday)
 Time: 14:00 - 15:00
 Venue: MB549


Datascape is an innovative new desktop program providing an immersive 3D environment within which users can visualise and interact with data from almost any source, from scientific data loggers to live social media feeds. The 3D environment allows multiple data sets to be spread out in three dimensions and over a subjectively large area, and allows colour, texture and shape to be used with more versatility than in 2D. The 3D immersion provides spatial cues which assist in maintaining orientation and identifying trends, clusters and anomalies with the data. Datascape is designed to maximise human analysis by optimising the display of data, whether structured or unstructured, enabling the user to take up a wide variety of viewpoints from both inside and outside the data. Datascape is  also available in a collaborative edition, which allows users to invite others into their data visualisation, so that analysis can become a shared task. The net result is better understanding, analysis and decision making, and improved recall. A WebGL viewer for Datascape is currently under development.

The talk will describe the background to the application, including early work in virtual worlds such as Second life, the Ministry of Defence funded research project undertaken jointly by Daden and Aston University to look at the differences between immersive and non-immersive 3D data visualisation, and a live demonstration of the application.