Are Clouds a Game Change? IT says no; Business says yes!

Andy Mulholland
 Global Chief Technology Officer, Capgemini

Date: 21st February 2012 (Tuesday)
Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Venue: North N104B

The perfect storm of business pressures, technology change, and new expectations by customers and employees is hitting. Confusion reigns as the technologies of Cloud Computing, Web Services, Mobility, Big Data, and Everything as a Service compete with the arrival of Consumerisation of IT as the answer to business demands for ‘Innovation’.  How can these enabling technologies combine to create new revenue-producing business models offering both competitive differentiation and agility to optimization responses to opportunities and events? Why do business managers talk of this as a revolution and are impatient with the IT
function being able to deliver? And why are the market leading analysts talking of a new technology wave based on ‘the post PC era’ in their predictions. These are all challenges, and questions, facing IT professionals today, which this session aims to try to answer, simply and factually.

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