Investigating Quality Assurance Mechanisms for Geospatial Dataset Selection

Victoria Lush
Engineering and Applied Science, Aston University

 Date:  6th November 2012 (Tuesday)
 Time: 14:00 - 15:00
 Venue: MB549


Rapid growth in availability of geospatial datasets has left geospatial data users facing expanding choice when selecting datasets for use. Effective evaluation of geospatial data quality in terms of fitness for use is recognised as a real and escalating challenge. Our research is carried out as part of a large international collaboration GeoViQua – a European Commission project funded by the European 7 Framework Program. The aim of our research is to (1) identify useful quality indicators for geospatial data which can be standardised to enable intercomparison of datasets against user requirements, and (2) develop a GEO label that will represent and interrogate dataset quality information to support efficient and effective geospatial dataset selection on the basis of quality and fitness for use. This communication will give an overview of our recent studies that were carried out to identify a set of potential spatial data quality indicators and elicit GIS community views on the concept of a GEO label and the role it should serve.