2011 Seminars

 Date  Time  Venue Speaker
Title of Seminar
 01/02/11  14:00-15:00  Sumpner LT  Dr Rick Robinson  Smarter Plant (IBM Guest lecture)
 14:00-15:00  MB504  Kimberly Kowal Development of geospatial metadata for the British Library's digital repository
15/02/11 14:00-15:00  Sumpner LT  Mr Pete Gripps  IT Architecture (IBM Guest Lecture)
 22/02/11  14:00-15:00  MB504  Dr Stefan Tillich  Modern cryptography in theory and practice
 01/03/11  14:00-15:00
 MB644  Mr. Rashik Parmar
 Global Technology Outlook (IBM Guest lecture)
 08/03/11  14:00-15:00  MB504   Dr Matthew William  Elicitation Live!
29/03/11  14:00-15:00  MB504  Bharat Bedi  Innovation & Emerging Tech (IBM Guest Lecture)
12/04/11  14:00-15:00  MB504 Danica Damljanovic Usability Enhancement Methods in Natural Language Interfaces for Querying Ontologies
 04/05/11  14:00-15:00  MB504  Dr Nilanjan Ray Quick Detection of Brain Tumors and Edemas: A Bounding Box Method Using Symmetry
 31/05/11  14:00-15:00  MB504  Mr. Shinji Kikuchi  What Will Happen if Cloud Management Operations Burst Out
 11/10/11  14:00-15:00  MB565  Septimiu Nechifor

A Cognitive Management Approach for the Internet of Things

 18/10/11  14:00-15:00  MB565  Mr Meng Chang
 25/10/11  14:00-15:00  MB565  Dr Errol Thompson
 Does it matter how I understand programming?
 08/11/11  14:00-15:00  MB565  Dr Amit Chattopadhyay
 Role of Fluctuations in Membrane Models: Thermal versus Non-Thermal
 22/11/11  14:00-15:00  MB565  Dr Keith Priscott
 24/01/12  14:00-15:00  TBA  Chris's seminar