A decision support system for mental-health risk screening and assessment

Responsible KEG Investigator:


Project Collaborator(s):

  • University of Warwick
Type of Project: Funded Project

Funder: NHS New and Emerging Applications of Technology

Date Commissioned: 04/2003
Date Completed: 07/2006

Project Summary
The project aims to improve mental-health risk assessments by developing a much needed, universally accessible, and innovative computerised decision support system (DSS). The DSS will contain a risk-screening tool that records client data (cues) and provides risk estimates for suicide, self-harm, self-neglect, and harm to others. The tool is intended for use without specialist training and by any relevant professionals, not just those within health and social care. It will provide a new educational and clinical resource linking validated human expertise from mental-health professionals with statistical information extracted from a dedicated client database.