INTAMAP: Interoperability and Automatic Mapping

Responsible KEG Investigator:


Project Collaborator(s):

  • University of Utrecht
  • Keynetix Ltd
  • JRC Ispra
  • TU Crete
  • Klagenfurt University, Austria
Type of Project: STREP

Funder: EU

Date Commissioned: 09/2006
Date Completed: 08/2009

Project Summary
This EU project will develop automatic mapping methods for real-time emergency response applications. We will use service oriented architecture and will develop both the mapping and service oriented architecture infrastructure side. The work at Aston will entail extended the computational aspects of mapping (which in this context essentially means interpolation) using advanced machine learning algorithms and on the creation of the web services to support the communication of these results. In particular we be developing new schema for communicating uncertainty in a service oriented architecture context. The project is led by Edzer Pebesma at the University of Utrecht and involves groups across Europe.