Electronic Coursework Assessment and Feedback (e-CAF)

Responsible KEG Investigator:


Type of Project: Funded Project

Funder: FLDC, Aston University

Date Commissioned: 11/2006
Date Completed: 08/2008

Project Summary

The e-CAF system is a web-based coursework assessment system. Its aim is to address the issues in providing timely, informative and consistent assessment and feedback to learners. e-CAF does that by making it easier for tutors to:

  • reduce the turn-around time of coursework feedback to learners;
  • include structured individual formative feedback, which is clearly linked to specific points in a coursework submission; and
  • assess large classes more consistently and transparently using detailed marking schemes.

The e-CAF project is supported by the Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund (TQEF) administered through the Flexible Learning Development Centre (FLDC) at Aston University.

Further details can be found in the project website.