Group members

The research of the laboratory is led by a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, biologists and clinicians.

Senior Lecturer

Dr Xianghong Ma (Head), PhD


Dr Mark Prince, PhD
Dr Greg Swadener, PhD
Dr Gareth Thomson, PhD
Dr Laura Leslie, PhD
Dr Sarah Junaid, PhD
Dr Thomas Drew, PhD
Dr Antonio Fratini, PhD

Research Associate

Mr C Burton

Associate Members

Professor Derek Alderson, FRCS
Mr Chris Coulson, FRCS
Professor Mansel Griffiths, FRCS
Mr Richard Irving, FRCS
Professor David Proops, FRCS
Mr Andrew Reid, FRCS
Mr David Richens, FRCS
Ms Olga Tucker, FRCS
Mrs Konstance Tzifa, FRCS
Professor Giuseppe Tritto, MD

Doctoral Students

Mr O Joshi
Mr P Vasanthi

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