SUPERGEN Bioenergy Phase II

Phase II of this project was completed at the end of 2011, and plans for continuation will be shortly announced.

Biomass is any plant material which can be used as a fuel, such as energy crops, wood, agricultural waste and vegetable oils. Biomass can be burned directly to generate power, or processed to create gas or liquids to be used as fuel for production of power, transport fuels and chemicals. Biomass currently accounts for just 0.43% of the UK's energy, but it is seen as one route to meeting EU targets for reduction of CO2 emissions and increased use of renewable energy.

The project is studying the production of different types of biomass and investigating their behaviour in thermal conversion processes, with particular emphasis on the interaction and interface between production and conversion. Conversion processes are being investigated to improve their performance. Finally the bioenergy products are being expanded to include transport fuels and renewable chemicals within the context of a biorefinery. A wide range of system studies are included to evaluate the performance, cost, and socio-economic benefits of a wide range of bioenergy chains.

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Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research