Completed 30/04/2006

The aims of the project were to:
  • Produce a range of liquids from different biomass types under different pyrolysis conditions, paying particular attention to methods for increasing the liquid reactivity and improving product acceptability in terms of reduced odour. 
  • Separate the liquid into the active fractions as an alternative or complementary approach to maximising effectiveness of the process and the product,
  • Test each whole liquid and separated liquid fraction at laboratory scale for their effectiveness as a substitute for synthetic resins in a variety of products in the wood panel industry including medium density fibreboards, oriented strand boards, plywood, and high pressure laminates with the objectives of maximising substitution of phenol and formaldehyde. 
  • Evaluate the results of these laboratory tests on wood panel products and test the most promising liquids at pilot and industrial scales of production,
  • Carry out a comprehensive technical, economic, environmental (life cycle and safety) and sectoral market assessment of the complete process and the preferred resin products.  This will provide detailed product costs and the size and extent of the potential market for each product application.
The project was completed in April 2006.

European Commission DG Research
Aston University, UK (Co-ordinator Tony Bridgwater)
CHIMAR Hellas SA, Greece
Institute for Wood Chemistry (BFH), Germany
Valbopan, Portugal

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research