The objective is to develop integral technology for a lignocellulose biorefinery that enables optimal valorisation of all biomass fractions.  The project comprises development of new pre-treatment and fractionation technology, catalytic pyrolysis and depolymerisation of lignin followed by upgrading via catalytic hydrodeoxygenation.

In this four year project (2007-2010) Aston University will perform collaborative R&D on catalytic pyrolysis with project partners, including the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), that lead the project. Aston have been subcontracted to ECN and will carry out rapid screening of a range of samples under different conditions in order to establish the most promising parameters, and identify valuable products.

The most successful samples will be tested on small and large laboratory fluid bed pyrolysis units to derive quantitative samples of products for analysis and characterisation. A range of temperatures and reactive environments will be explored.

Other partners are Agrotechnology and Food Innovations (co-ordinator), Wageningen University and Groningen University. Several companies will be on the steering committee.

SenterNovem of the Netherlands' Department of Economic Affairs

Aston University
Agrotechnology and Food Innovations
Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN)
Groningen University
Wageningen University

Hans Reith, Ligno-Value Project Coordinator
Energy research Centre of the Netherlands

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