EC China

Completed July 2003

The overall objective is to assist the take-up of biomass and biomass waste in China with the following goals:

  • Quantify the potential for transferring EU technologies to China for the increased utilisation of biomass and biomass-derived waste materials.
  • Establish the basis for subsequent demonstrations of such technologies in China
  • Aid the competitiveness of European industry in the Chinese market, and help to stabilise levels of trans-national greenhouse gases.

The project has quantified sources, distribution and availability of biomass materials within selected Chinese provinces, and (via a techno-economic assessment) matched these with opportunities in existing and potential new plant. This information has been presented to the European biomass industry, on a pre-competitive basis, via a seminar, brokerage events in China and Internet-based dissemination to bring together EU and Chinese industrialists and enhance industry prospects in the face of strong US competition. Target provinces selected are representative of a wider set of locations and hence have good replicability. Emphasis has been placed on quantifying the potential for utilising biomass fuels on selected sites as a prelude to possible demonstration projects between EU industry and appropriate Chinese counterparts. Project objectives have been realised through activities clustered in eight work packages: Preparative Activities, Materials Quantification Study, Technology Identification Study, National and Regional Chinese environmental legislative issues, National and Regional Chinese energy and environmental policy issues, Techno-economic assessment of options, Market entry strategy, Subproject management and co-ordination.
European Commission DG TREN
EU Partners:
EMC Environment Engineering, UK (Co-ordinator Andrew Minchener)
Exergia, Greece
Aston University, UK
VTT Energy, Finland
Partnering organisations in China:
China Biomass Centre, Beijing
Tsinghua University, Beijing

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research