The 590,000€ ChEuBio (China EU Bioenergy project), funded by the European Commission, is a two-year initiative that will assess the commercial possibilities of co-firing biomass in China's coal fired power stations to help cut the country's dependence on fossil fuel and help reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.
ChEuBio will gather data on the biomass sources and availability, undertake case studies of various plants to assess possibilities for co-firing in China's coal power plants, and determine the commercial potential for co-firing in China.

Astons Role
Aston University's Bioenergy Research Group will use geographic modelling to evaluate the potential of using various biomass feedstocks in different regions of China, and will help to communicate the findings to the Chinese power industry and policy makers in the country.

ChEuBio will share the results with the European co-firing industry and help companies to establish technology partnerships with Chinese power stations. 

European Commission's Sixth Framework Programme

Project coordinator
IEA Environmental Projects Limited (UK)

Aston University (uk)
China Electricity Council (China)   
Energy research institute of Henan Province (China)
European Biomass Association (Belgium) 
Exergia (Greece)                                          
Tsinghua University (China)
VTT (Finland)

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research