Completed 30/06/05

The aim of the project was to comprehensively assess toxicity and biodegradability of a representative bio-oil after preliminary screening of a wide range of bio-oils from different processes and temperatures in order to:

• identify the best operating conditions avoiding or minimising the formation of toxic products from the composition of the bio-oils,
• produce a comprehensive and definitive MSDS with the proper preventive and remedial procedures to adopt during production, transport and use of bio-oils,
• produce and transport fast pyrolysis bio-oils with low impact on human health and environment by avoiding bio-oils production presenting potential toxic characteristics

For further information on this project, and for results from the project (including MSDS Safety Sheet, Biotox Final Publishable Report and Handling & Storage of Bio-oil Report), please see the Biotox page of the Pyrolysis Network (PyNe) web site - http://www.pyne.co.uk/?_id=29

European Commission DG TREN

CIRAD, France (Co-ordinator: Philippe Girard) www.cirad.fr
Aston University
Institute for Wood Chemistry, Germany

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research