Bio-energy chains

Completed 30/11/06

The objective of the project was to assess the feasibility of establishing year round production of energy crops for production of bio-fuels.  Four annually harvested perennial crops - arundo, cynara, switchgrass and miscanthus - were being grown in four southern European countries and their performance in combustion, gasification and pyrolysis processes was being examined.  There were supporting studies on technical feasibility, economic viability through modelling and life cycle and environmental impact studies.  This project was completed at the end of November 2005.
European Commission, DG Research
CRES, Greece (Co-ordinator Myrsini Christou) website: www.cres.gr
Universidad Politecnica De Madrid, Spain
Institut National De La Recherche Agronomique, France
University of Bologna, Italy
Aston University, United Kingdom
Institute Fuer Umweltstudien, Gemany
Technical University of Graz, Austria
Biomass Technology Group B.V., The Netherlands
Agricultural University Of Athens, Greece
Institute For Energy And Environmental Research Heidelberg, Germany

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research