Research Areas

In order to utilize the chemical energy of biomass, it has to be processed either thermally, biologically or mechanically. BERG focuses its efforts on thermal processing and particularly fast pyrolysis for production of liquids that can be used as fuels for power and/or heat production; for production of transport fuels; or as a source of chemicals. When multiple products are derived, this is often refered to as a biorefinery.

Thermal processing

  • Pyrolysis for production of liquid (bio-oil), gas and charcoal
  • Gasification for production of gas for use as fuel, for production of hydrogen, or for synthesis of transport fuels and chemical
  • Combustion for production of heat that can be used for heat and/or power production

Biological processing

  • Fermentation to alcohol, including bio-ethanol and biobutanol that is used as a transport fuel or is added to gasoline
  • Digestion (anaerobic digestion) to bio-gas - a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide - that can be used for heat and/or power

Mechanical processing

  • Production of vegetable oils that can be upgraded to bio-diesel (RME - rape methylester), which can be added to diesel

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