BERG Joins Dutch Lignocellulose Biorefinery Project

Aston University's Bioenergy Research Group is the only UK partner in a Dutch project to develop technology for a lignocellulose biorefinery.

The "LignoValue" project won funds from the long term EOS program funded by SenterNovem, an agency in the Netherlands' Department of Economic Affairs, in November, with the project due to kick-off in early 2007.

The project's objective is to develop integral technology for a lignocellulose biorefinery that enables optimal valorisation of all biomass fractions.  The project comprises development of new pre-treatment and fractionation technology, catalytic pyrolysis and depolymerisation of lignin followed by upgrading via catalytic hydrodeoxygenation.

In this four year project, ECN and Aston University, whose collaboration was born becuase of their work in the EC-sponsored Bioenergy Network of Excellence,  will perform collaborative R&D on catalytic pyrolysis.

Hans Reith, project leader for ECN said: "Pyrolysis is a great collaboration area for ECN and Aston, because our capabilities compliment each other.  Our co-operation never would have happened without the interactions provided by Bioenergy Network of Excellence."

Other project partners are Agrotechnology and Food Innovations (co-ordinator), Wageningen University and Groningen University. Several companies will be on the steering committee.

Additional Information: Hans Reith, reith@ecn.nl

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