BERG Seminar January 2008

On Thursday 27th January 2008 BERG held a seminar to update members on important recent developments and to give researchers an opportunity to briefly explain to other BERG members a little about the work they are doing.  The programme included a brief discussion from Prof Bridgwater regarding the recent successful bid to secure funding for 2 new bioenergy labs at BERG.

BERG seminars will be held regularly throughout the academic year, perhaps focussing on more specific areas within the groups research.  This will improve information sharing and give researchers more opportunities to present on the progress of their work.

Brief presentations were made by the following BERG members:

  • Tony Bridgwater
  • Elma Gyftopoulou
  • Guozhan Jiang
  • Daniel Nowakowski
  • Adisak Pattiya
  • Angela Fivga
  • John Rogers
  • Yanna Dimitriou
  • Panos Doss
  • Kostas Papadikis
  • Antonio Oliveira
  • Abba Kalgo

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research