BERG in the Press

On this page there are links to documents which show a selection of press items involving BERG from various publications. 

The BioenergySite.com (April 2012) - "Bioenergy Research Group in €10.84m Project"

The Engineer (August 2010) - "Aston University develops bio-oil technology"

The Chemical Engineer (August 2010) - "Aston investigates bio-oil refinery" 

Renewable Energy Focus (August 2010) - "Making bio-oil more efficient than diesel"

The Green Car Website (August 2010) - "UK group at centre of new bio-oil project"

Renewable Energy magazine (November 2009) - "€3.7 million biofuel project brings European and South American researchers together"

The Engineer (November 2009) - "Biofuel for mass production"

Energy Engineering (January/February 2007) - "Burning Ambitions"

The Sunday Times - "China chokes on a coal-fired boom"

UK Power (December 2006) - "Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass"

Professor Bridgwater Talks Biofuels on Radio 4

Watch BERG on TV  - A Research TV story on the fast pyrolysis research at the Bio-Energy Research Group is now available to view and download on the web.  The story cuts to the heart of bioenergy research in the UK and highlights the fast pyrolysis process as a promising technology to produce renewable fuels, heat, power and chemicals. 

The Chemical Engineer - "Aston and Biffa to Research Waste Pyrolysis"

Energy Engineering - "Rubbish Idea"

The Chemical Engineer - "Aston Does Amazonian Energy Training"

Recycling Waste World - "Biffa and Aston Uni Team up on Pyrolysis"

Energy Engineering - "Team Working"

The Engineer - "Full Filling"

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