Dr Sarah Junaid

Sarah Junaid Image

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering and Design

Email: s.junaid@aston.ac.uk

Selected Publications:

  • Junaid, S, Gupta, S, Sanghavi, S, Anglin, C, Roger E, Amis, A, Hansen, U, (2010). “Failure Mechanism of the All-Polyethylene Glenoid Implant”, Journal of Biomechanics, 43, (4): 714-719. [Citation Index: 7]
  • Chen, Q, Bismarck, A, Hansen, U, Junaid, S, Tran, MQ, Harding, SE, Ali, NN, Boccaccini, AR (2008). “Characterisation of a Soft Elastomer Poly(glycerol sebacate) Designed to Match the Mechanical Properties of Myocardial Tissue”, Biomaterials, 29, (1): 47 -57. [Citation Index: 143] 
  • Chena, Q Z, Wright, JS, Harding, S E, Junaid, S, Hansen, U, Jawad, H, Boccaccini, A R, Ali, NN. “Heart tissue engineering using a novel elastomer and ES-derived cardiac cells”, Conference of the Tissue-Engineering-and-Regenerative-Medicine-International-Society (TERMIS-EU), London, UK, 4-7 September 2007. Tissue Engineering, ANN LIEBERT INC., 13, (7): 1703-1703.
  • Junaid, S, Sanghavi, S, Anglin, C, Bull, A, Emery, R, Amis, A & Hansen, U. “A Comparison of Glenoid Design Parameters in Total Shoulder Replacement: Do They Make a Difference?” submitted.
  • Junaid, S, Lam, SKL, El-Gendy, R, Elson, KM, Tipper, JL, Ingham, E, Kirkham, J, Hall, RM. "Review: Animal and in Virtro Modles of the Peridontal Ligament Complex for Peridontal Disease" Submitted.