Dr Mike Peters

Michael Peters

Director of Engineering & Applied Science Foundation Programmes

Phone Number: 0121 204 3202
Email: m.peters@aston.ac.uk


  • Problem Based Learning approaches to learning Engineering Mathematics.
  • Barriers to learning mathematics such as mathematics anxiety.
  • Cognitive development of mathematics learners. 

Selected Publications:

  • Peters, M. (2015) Using cognitive load theory to interpret student difficulties with a problem-based learning approach to engineering education: a case study.  Teaching Mathematics Applications 34 (1). pp 53-62.  http://teamat.oxfordjournals.org/content/34/1/53.full.pdf+html
  • Peters, M. (2015) Getting round pegs into round holes: getting students onto the right Engineering Programme.  http://www.sefi.be/conference-2015/CHAP%2013.%20Diversity%20in%20Engineering%20Education/55842.pdf 
  • Peters, M (2014) Supporting engineering students at the start of their university course: an industry-university collaboration to provide tailored online mathematics resources, Proceedings of 42nd Annual Conference European Society for Engineering Education, Birmingham, UK.  http://www.sefi.be/conference-2014/0022.pdf.  
  • Peters, M (2014) How does Problem Based Learning fit with Cognitive Load Theory? 17th Seminar Mathematics Working Group, European Society for Engineering Education. Dublin, Ireland. http://www.sefi.htw-aalen.de/
  • Peters, M. and Bartholomew, P. (2015) The Trust Issue: Implementing Peer-Assessment in an Undergraduate Professional Development Context, in Assessment in Higher Education. Institute for Learning in Higher Education (in press).
  • Peters, M. (2015) Using Cognitive Load Theory to inform a Problem Based Approach to Learning Engineering Mathematics, in Problem-Based Learning: Perspectives, Methods and Challenges. Nova (in press).