How the scheme works


A EAS placement student will provide your company with an excellent resource. Advertising directly through us is free and you will be getting an intelligent motivated student for a year. Your placement position will be advertised to undergraduate students in EAS. The salary for a placement student at EAS is typically between £12,000 and £18,000 per year.
Furthermore, if your company is interested in offering a placement to our students then we can provide a range of facilities, free of charge, including interview rooms and presentation venue/equipment.


If you decide to appoint a EAS student, we will ask you to:

  • Appoint a supervisor for the student.

  • Participate near the beginning of the placement by providing a detailed job description and setting out a programme for the placement year.

  • Give the student the opportunity for real responsibility.

  • Monitor the student's performance, initiating action where necessary.

  • Encourage the student to observe a range of the company's activities and allow them appropriate access to senior management and company information.

  • Ensure that the student is:

    • made aware of Health & Safety rules
    • given appropriate training where necessary
    • made aware of all company rules which might affect them

  • Be available to discuss the student's progress with the academic supervisor during on-site visits.

  • Treat the student as you would any other employee.

  • Communicate problems (if any) as soon as possible. 

Further notes for industrial supervisors

Notes on Confidential Material

The University provides comprehensive support for both employers and students alike:

  • The School Placement Office is on hand for advice throughout the year
  • Each student has a Placement Tutor who will visit them at work, meet with their company supervisor and guide them through the academic work they undertake during their placement year 
  • Placement opportunities can be advertised to our students any time from September to July
  • Students can commence employment anytime between late June to September 
  • Students are available for approximately 12 months (maximum of 15 months).