How to advertise

If your company would like to advertise a placement opportunity, you can contact the Placement Employer Team by post, phone or email and ask for an Employer Pack.

If you wish to discuss any technical details of the role, please contact Placement Tutors.

We ask for the following information so that we can advertise the post to the students via email, intranet or notice boards:

Job related information Organisation related information 
Job Title  Company Name
Job Location*  Address with Post Code
Application Method*  Company Detail (one paragraph)
Number of Places Available   Telephone Number
Closing Date*  Fax Number
Salary*  Website

Job Description* (please include as much detailed information as possible)



 Contact Details:

  • Full name with title
  • Position
  • Direct phone number
  • Fax number
  • Email address


Person Specification


*All fields in bold must be provided

If you have any queries or to obtain an Employer Pack please contact the Placement Employer Team