University Services

here are many support structures to help your student experience at Aston. University Services are listed below. Scroll down to read on or click on the jump down menu for further information.

 The Hub Advice Zone

Hub Team 2014

Our welcoming and knowledgeable team of professional advisers offer confidential information, advice and support throughout your student journey at Aston.

International Student Advisers

Our experienced International Student Advisers provide advice and support to Aston EU and international students from 130 different countries. They can assist you with a range of issues including: access to healthcare, banking in the UK, registering with the police if required, extending your student visa, what happens to your visa if you take a break from your studies, working in the UK during and after your studies and cultural and social activities that you can take part in.

In the 2013 autumn wave of the ‘International Student Barometer’, visa advice provided through the Advice Zone Team was ranked 8th in the UK and 1st against other similar universities.

For more information contact the International Student Advisers by telephone: +44 121 204 4567 or email: issu@aston.ac.uk or visit the website.

Student Advisers

There are so many things to think about when you come to university! If you don’t know what to do, there’s every chance our friendly and knowledgeable Student Advisers will be able to point you in the right direction.

Student Advisers have many talents and can offer advice about: Student finance, managing your money, access to benefits and healthcare, housing, Council Tax exemption, academic matters including what happens if you take a break from your studies and what to do if you have personal circumstances which affect your academic progress.

For more information, contact the Student Advisers by telephone: + 44(0)121 204 4007 or email: thehub@aston.ac.uk or visit the Hub website.

Student Funds Administrator

The Advice Zone works to support students throughout your journey at Aston. This includes giving advice on managing your money and assistance in cases of unexpected hardship.

The Student Funds Administrator provides financial assistance through a number of different funds, trusts and bursaries. He also administers the US Federal Loans and offers support if you are leaving Care or are from Foyers.

For more information, contact the Student Funds Administrator by telephone +44 (0)121 204 4740, by email at: fau@aston.ac.uk or visit the Hub website.

The Hub Advice Zone is located on the Ground Floor of the Main Building

The Hub Counselling Service

Hub Team 2014

The Counselling Service is a confidential and professional service, staffed by qualified, experienced counsellors.

Meeting with a counsellor offers you the opportunity to discuss issues that may be affecting you either personally, or in your academic work.  These could include issues such as relationship difficulties, anxiety and stress or loss of motivation.  No topic is too small or too large to bring to the service and, each year, many students benefit from discussions with a counsellor.

Counsellors do not give advice or tell you what to do.  Our role is to help you take responsibility for your own decisions, to become more aware of your own resources and to work with you in developing skills which will help you to manage your own difficulties and concerns more effectively.

The service is located in the Hub on the Ground Floor of the Main Building.  

Appointments can be made through the Hub in person, by telephone: 0121 204 4007 or you can email the Counselling Service on counselling@aston.ac.uk.   Further information can also be found on the service web site.

The Hub Disability Team

Hub Team 2014

The Disability Team is here to provide advice and guidance if you have a disability. We can help to co-ordinate any support you require if you have a physical, sensory or hidden disability, mental health or specific learning difference. Our service is confidential and we will liaise with teaching and other support staff within the University to help make adjustments which support your studies if you give us permission to do so.

We also:

  • Have a small personal assistance scheme on campus to assist you if you require extra assistance with study skills support such as for dyslexia.
  • Have an arrangement with external providers to arrange for non-medical helpers for Aston students.
  • Assist you with applications for the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) and other sources of funding.
  • Advise teaching areas about the provision of individual examination arrangements and course adaptations (with your consent)
  • Make arrangements forPersonal Evacuation Plans
  • Provide screening for dyslexia and make referrals to educational psychologists for full diagnostic assessments if you think you may have a specific learning difference and would like help with this.
  • Help provide assistive technology support and advice through our colleagues in the I.T. Department

Contact details:

Located on the Ground Floor of the Main Building

The Finance Centre

Finance Centre

The FinanceCentre is the place to visit the Finance Credit Control and Cashier section, to pay accommodation fees and tuition fees.

Additional information about the services offered in the Finance Centre can be found on the web.  Please visit the Fee Collection Help Desk with your tuition and accommodation payment queries, or visit the Cashier Desk to make payments. 

Credit Control is responsible for collecting your tuition fee and/or accommodation fee payments but we are also your main contact if you are having difficulties in paying you fees.  Call into the Finance Centre on a "drop in" basis to see a member of the Credit Control team who will be pleased to discuss and sort out any queries you may have or, if you prefer, you can book an appointment. There are confidential interview rooms if you would like to talk to someone in private. Where appropriate we will liaise with staff in your School and Central Departments to help resolve your queries.

For more information see the student finance website either through- New Students Finance Information Website link or through the Current Students Finance Information Website

How to contact us:

  • Email:                                                        Creditcontrol@aston.ac.uk
  • Telephone:                                                  0121 204 4355
  • You can also pay online by clicking on:         www.aston.ac.uk/payments

Located on the Ground Floor of the Main Building

Additional useful Contacts: If you have any queries about the amount of fee you are being charged.

Tuition Fees Charges

  • In Person:                                                     Visit the Advice Zone
  • Email:                                                           Registry@aston.ac.uk
  • Telephone:                                                     0121 204 4689

Accommodation Fees Charges

  • In Person:                                                      Visit the Accommodation Office, Harriet Martineau Reception
  • Email:                                                            accom@aston.ac.uk
  • Telephone:                                                      0121 204 4704/4707

Aston Students’ Union

Aston Student's Union

Aston Students’ Union exists for one reason; to impact positively on the life of every student.

Whether it is through representing your views to the University, coordinating the many clubs and societies on offer, solving welfare issues, organising BIG events on and off campus or campaigning for the changes you need, we are here to support you!  Please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Union Executive, with any feedback you may have, however big or small.

Find out more about all the great services available at the Union at www.aston.ac.uk/union

If you’d like to speak to someone in person, please phone Union Reception on 0121 204 4855 or pop in to see us 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

 The Advice & Representation Centre

...is the Union’s Independent Representation Service for Aston Students.

ARC staff are able to represent students at formal hearings and appeals.

Visit the ARC for independent advice and support with:

  • Academic appeals
  • Access to Learning Fund applications & appeals
  • Course related issues
  • Disciplinary matters
  • Exam boards
  • Money advice
  • Off campus accommodation
  • University sanctions
  • and more…


The ARC is located on the first floor of the Students’ Union

The Advice & Representation Centre is the source of information about all non campus accommodation available to Aston students via the web link at http://www.astonstudentpad.co.uk

Contact details:

Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 10 am to 4 pm

University Rules and Regulations

Detailed information is available via the A-Z of Academic Regulations and Policies, including the following important areas:

Central Teaching Operations

Central Teaching Operations are responsible for the allocation and booking (internal and external) of all University teaching/function rooms; and the management and co-ordination of support for teaching facilities.  The Teaching Facilities website provides more information on the services provided.


1.    One person for each society is responsible for the booking of the room; the bookings should be made by sending an email to l.richards2@aston.ac.uk. Students should remember to give an indication of numbers and whether the room is required for one date or the whole term. They must inform AV-Support av-support@aston.ac.uk if they plan to use the equipment. No food or drink allowed.

2.    The student will be required to provide contact details such as S/N, contact telephone no. and email address.

3.    Bookings are made on first come first served basis.

4.    Teaching takes priority so some rooms may not be available, particularly during the exam period. Please note rooms may be changed at short notice; if this should happen every effort will be made to offer a suitable alternative room.

5.    If the booking takes place after 1800 an ID number will be issued to the room booker, this should be quoted to Security staff who will then issue a key to the student. (The key will only be given to the named person on the booking; the named person is responsible for the unlocking/locking of the room). Arrangements should be made by organisers for admittance/exit of non-Aston students and visitors. In the first instance before any publication of an event, students must complete a risk assessment with guidance from the Student Union Activities officer and subject to authorisation from Head of Security.

6.    If an event involves any external speakers please refer to the Student Union   Activities Officer in order to initiate a Risk Assessment. This in turn should be counter signed by the Head of Security. If external catering is required the above form should also be signed by the Head of Catering.

7.    Any form of segregation (including that based on gender) is prohibited during meetings except where the meeting is for the sole purpose of religious worship or practice. This prohibition also applies to meetings which follow on from acts of religious worship or practice.

For student recruitment and fundraising events (Non Aston students attending), when organising your event please take time to obtain advice from the following departments so that your event has the necessary arrangements in place for the event to run smoothly.

If the event is to attract VIP guests and speaker; advice should be sought from the Marketing & Communications team at Marketing@aston.ac.uk. In addition a risk assessment should be carried out and returned to the Student Activities’ Officer and the Head of Security for authorisation.


  • It should be noted that if attendees or organisers are non- Aston students they may be subject to charges for hire of room and equipment.  To book and make enquiries about availability of equipment email av-support@aston.ac.uk  telephone x4221
  • Collections/returns MB509
  • http://TLC.aston.ac.uk/ - Teaching and Learning Community Supporting our staff and students' use of learning technologies. 
  • Please save energy - logout and switch off


Please ensure that any non-Aston students attending must be provided with proof of attendance such ID badges or stickers indicating the event they are attending. For events that take place after hours advice should be sought from the Security team security@aston.ac.uk; they can confirm procedures for access, safety and security.

Use of Reception and Foyer area

  • Signage should be free standing and arranged via the porters; email:atkinsmw@aston.ac.uk
  • Use of tables & chairs in the foyer can be booked by reception@aston.ac.uk
  • Please remember to check if you are allowed to display posters for your event.

For further information contact Lesley Richards, Teaching Operations, Estates & Capital Development, Aston University, l.richards2@aston.ac.uk


Health and welfare services including a dentist surgery, multi-faith centre, opticians, health drop-in centre and counselling service

The MLK Centre

The Martin Luther King Centre is concerned with religious, social and political issues worldwide; searching for the meaning of life; exploring justice, peace and mutual understanding. 

At the MLK Centre we:

  • Offer a Chaplaincy Service: We have a team of chaplains who are here to support students and staff.  Chaplains are experienced at listening, offering spiritual guidance, prayer, support, and friendship.   There are chaplains of different faiths - Christian, Hindu, Pagan, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and Buddhist - who are available at different times throughout the week.
  • Host Events and Societies: The MLK centre is available for student and university activities and events.  We are happy to host any gathering that is in line with our aims.  To book space, contact Fiona Troughton on f.troughton@aston.ac.uk . telephone 0121 204 4729 or call into see us.
  • Host social activities: We host regular social events.  Catering is normally vegetarian and no alcohol is allowed in the Centre so that everyone can feel comfortable.
  • At times of remembrance, grief and difficulty: The MLK Centre is the university focal point for times of sadness and remembrance.

Location: We are situated at the heart of the campus opposite the library. Please feel free to pop in and see us, browse our webpages for more information.

For more information visit our Chaplaincy website, follow us on Twitter and Facebook or contact us:  

  • Email:                                                           chaplaincy@aston.ac.uk 
  • Telephone:                                                     0121 204 4729

Equality and Diversity

Aston University undertakes to promote equality and diversity within the University Community in all aspects of its work.  It aims to ensure through its admissions policies for students and its recruitment and selection processes for staff that it encourages applications from all groups represented in the wider community at a local, national and international level. The University will endeavour not to discriminate unfairly or illegally, directly or indirectly, against students or potential students, staff or potential staff. This commitment applies to all functions of the University and to any stage of an individual’s career at Aston.

The Equality and Diversity Policy Statement, and a number of other policies relevant to equalities can be found on the Equality and Diversity website.

If you have any questions about equality and diversity at the University or you would like advice and guidance on any matter to do with equality of opportunity please contact Jane Tyrrell on extension 4587 or by email at: j.m.tyrrell@aston.ac.uk

Information Systems Aston (ISA)

Aston has extensive IT facilities with around 1200 student desktop computers which are located in over 25 separate computer labs across the campus.

Many labs can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer a range of networked software packages, database systems, modelling tools, computer-aided learning materials and access to online sources of information for research.

IT facilities are free to students and are linked by our Local Area Network, which spans the campus and provides high speed access to other networks worldwide.  An extensive wireless network is also available for students wishing to use their own computing equipment. 

To help you use the IT facilities, we have created a Student Computer Guide which contains information on all of the services provided including email, My Aston Portal (MAP), Virtual Learning Environments and much more. You can view the guide online here.

For more information or if you require support for any of the services please contact:

IT Helpdesk

  • IT Services
  • Main Building East, Ground Floor
  • Tel: 0121 204 3445
  • Email:  it_helpdesk@aston.ac.uk
  • Follow us on Twitter @isa_helpdesk for tips, latest issues and new service information.

John Smith's Bookshop

First Floor, Aston Students' Union: Academic and Professional Bookseller of the Year 2014

John Smith's Bookshop provides discounted textbooks and ebooks for your course. Look out for special offers and bundles at the start of term. Secondhand books are available as well as study skills titles to help you make the most of your learning.

Popular fiction and non-fiction titles are also available as well as stationery and IT equipment.

The Bookshop has an information point where you can access reading lists from your Blackboard account. Staff can assist you find the books you are looking for and place a special order for anything that is not stocked.

You can also order from their brand new website

The Bookshop is open Monday-Friday 9am - 5.30pm.

  • [t]    0121 333 3361                            
  • [e]   as@johnsmith.co.uk       
  • Find the Bookshop on Facebook/Aston Bookshop  
  • Follow on Twitter @AstonBookshop   

Students' Union Shop

Ground Floor, Aston Students' Union

The SU Shop provides an extensive range of essentials including:

  • Academic stationery

  • Aston-branded stationery

  • Aston-branded clothing

  • Sandwiches & snacks

  •  Newspapers & magazines

  • Confectionery & drinks

  • Greetings cards

The Students' Union Shop is open Monday-Friday 9am-5.00pm.

  • [t]    0121 333 5286

  • [e]   an@johnsmith.co.uk

Learning Development Centre

The Learning Development Centre (LDC) is a central service which provides academic advice and resources for students throughout their studies at Aston.

We offer one-to-one and small group appointments with Learning Development Advisors who can help students develop their academic skills. 

The LDC also delivers a series of workshops for undergraduate, international, final year and post-graduate students, covering several topics including academic writing, referencing, preparing for exams, understanding feedback and dissertation writing. 

Trained Student Writing Mentors also form part of the LDC team and are available to help fellow students develop their academic writing.

Students who are unable to visit the centre may also access our advisors through our e-tutorial and skype service. Additionally, a variety of study resources can be found through the LDC blackboard which all students are able to access.  

Our Maths Centre offers a drop-in tutorial service to assist with maths and statistics and our tutors are available to work with students at all levels of study. 

Additionally, the centre can be used for group study and has bookable rooms with presentation facilities.

For more information about using our services, study advice and resources available, including specific workshop programme details, please visit the Learning Development Centre module in BlackBoard:

Alternatively, please check our website , Facebook page or follow us on twitter for more information.

If you are new to university, you may also find the following useful:

Library and Information Services

Open 24/6 When It Matters Most

Library - flexible study area

Aston University Library & Information Services has achieved the Customer Service Excellence Standard, meaning that the service is customer focused with friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff.

Access: The Library has swipe / proximity access at the entrance - you need your uniCARD to get in, and this card must not be used by anyone other than the person named on it.

Study Space: Various study environments have been designed to meet your needs, whether that is for collaborative study, quiet study or silent study.  You are requested to choose where you sit according to your requirements and to respect the needs of other Library users.  Please ensure that desks are left clean and tidy when you finish.

Opening Hours: Our opening hours are always displayed in the foyer and on the web site. During examination and revision periods we are open 24/6, from Sunday morning through to Saturday evening.

Self Service: We make our services as user friendly as possible, so you can borrow books or laptops, pay fines and print documents even at night when there are no Library staff available.

Membership: You automatically become a member of the Library at enrolment. The barcode on your uniCARD shows your Library membership number. You must use your uniCARD to get in to the Library and to take books out.You are still a member of the Library during your placement year and can make use of all the Library facilities. Please contact us before you go, if you want to use a library in another part of the country.

Resources: From the Library home page http://www.aston.ac.uk/library/ you can: 

  • Link to Library search tools to look for books, journals and e-resources in your subject area
  • Read about Library services and facilities
  • Check how to reserve books and view your library record

Getting help: Staff can help with general queries relating to your loans or fines, and can also give advice on finding books, journals and all sorts of information. Please speak to staff at the Help desk or contact the Library by:

For detailed queries you may be referred to one of our Information Specialists.

Regulations: The full Library regulations can be found here.

Find out more: Use the web site http://www.aston.ac.uk/library/ to find out more or to contact us.


Registry provides a range of administrative support services for students throughout your time at Aston, from initial application to graduation.

Examinations Office:  The University Examinations Office is responsible for organising the scheduling and invigilation of most examinations on campus and at authorised overseas venues.  This includes the issue of personalised examination timetables to students and putting in place special arrangements for students with additional needs.   The Examinations Office Webpage provides useful information on examination calendars, examination forms (including information about exceptional circumstances) and links to the University Examination Regulations. 

Student Records:  The Registry's Student Records section is responsible for all student records from initial enrolment through to graduation. The Student Records webpage provides more detailed information on the services provided, which include: enrolment, tuition fee invoices, Aston Bursaries, liaison with the Student Loans Company, contact with student sponsors and issue of degree certificates.

The Students’ Jobshop


The Students’ JobShop provides a wide range of reliable part time term time and full time vacation employment to Aston’s students.  This allows you to combine your academic career with some paid employment.

Working part time will not only help you financially, but will also improve your employability skills, making you more employable when looking for graduate positions.

A one to one advice and guidance service is available to help you compile CV’s (Resumes) for part time employment, assistance with interview techniques, guidance on employment law and help with job searches.                                              

Come and visit the JobShop which is located on the First Floor of the Students’ Union and is open from Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm.

For more information about the services and to view the part time/full time vacation jobs please visit www.aston.ac.uk/jobshop

Cathy Laird - Students’ JobShop Coordinator:  0121 204 4844 or jobshop@aston.ac.uk

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research