Administrative matters

Policy Documents for New Students

When you enrol and register, you will be supplied with "Policy Documents for New Students". This gives information on your rights under the Data Protection Act and the University’s policies relating to Equal Opportunities and Smoking. Many of these documents, together with other Academic Regulations, Policy Statements, Guidelines and Codes of Practice can be found on the Registry's web site.

You are strongly advised to familiarise yourself with these documents.

Communication Channels
Information related to the administration of your programme may be conveyed to you by several means. Formal communication will usually be by means of Blackboard announcements which are received by email or at certain times of year written correspondence will be received by post. Less formally, information may be issued by members of the academic staff during lecture classes, tutorials etc.

Everyone is provided with a University email address and you are strongly advised to check your email daily. You have a limited quota, so delete unwanted emails, so you do not run out of space. Your email account can be accessed from anywhere over the internet. Simply go to: http://webmail.aston.ac.uk, and login with your username and password. You can set up your smart phone to receive your university emails to keep up to date. 

Many subject areas have information modules on Blackboard where course related announcements will be sent from, and useful documentation stored. For School-wide matters these will come from the ‘EAS Postgraduate Information’ which holds useful announcements, forms, and contact information for Student Reps.

Contact details
Some correspondence will be sent via post, for example your end of year transcript. For this reason it is vital you keep your contact details up to date. Your contact address can be updated at any point in the year through the MAP system. Visit http://www.aston.ac.uk/ict/map/ to do this. Remember to update your mobile phone number on here as well in case of emergencies.

Contacting Staff
All members of staff have an individual pigeon hole in their specific subject group area. You can ask the administrative staff to put any messages etc for them there – simply visit the EAS School Centre Reception and ask for this to be done. Another main route of contact for staff is via email, and staff addresses can be obtained by consulting the search function at www.aston.ac.uk/localdocs/phones. You can also book appointments with members of staff throughthe WASS system.

Attendance and engagement with your studies is now monitored by the University. If you are absent from lectures for any reason you must let someone know. If your absence is likely to be short (one or two lectures due to a short term illness for example) it may be a good idea to let your tutor know out of courtesy. If your absence may be longer than this you may wish to speak to your personal tutor or programme director about your options.

A contribution based on your attendance may count towards the mark of some modules – this will be communicated in the relevant programme or module specifications. If you do not attend laboratory classes and there are no exceptional circumstances then you will be penalised by receiving a zero mark for any experiment/project work that you should have attempted and written up.

Absences from your course will be noted on your student record and you may receive emails from staff to this effect. If you are concerned about your absence record (which you can view on MAP) please contact the School Engagement Officer via eas_tpt@aston.ac.uk

Feeding back
The School encourages feedback from students, and has created a variety of avenues to express your concerns and commendations. These are taken seriously and are used to improve your student experience.

Module Questionnaires

At the end of a series of lecture classes you will be issued with a questionnaire seeking your views on various aspects of the module. Please complete these questionnaires openly and honestly to enable us to improve the student experience. Your comments are collated and the results fed back when the module is next delivered, either in class or via Blackboard.

Online surveys

Occasionally the School runs online surveys on various topics, usually completion of the survey results in a chance to win a prize as a thank you for taking time out to feed back to the School. These are often advertised via the ‘EAS Postgraduate Information’ module on Blackboard.

Open forums

Throughout the year the School holds many smaller group meetings with students, where the School’s management team ask for your opinions on various aspect of your experience’s as a student so far, usually focussing on a ‘hot topic’. Lunch is provided for willing participants and these events are usually advertised via email/Blackboard announcement.

Anonymous feedback

An anonymous feedback box sits at EAS School Centre reception, which you can leave any anonymous comments in you wish to make.

Student Representatives
At the beginning of the academic year Student Representatives (Reps) will be elected on your course to represent any academic issues you may have with your course on the Staff Student Consultative Committee (SSCC). The Staff Student Consultative Committee is a formal committee with student and staff representatives from your course, the minutes of which go forward to the School’s Learning and Teaching Committee.

Once the course representative has been confirmed, the students on the course will be informed and you can raise course-related issues with them to feed into SSCC and in turn, School meetings.

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