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Welcome to Computer Science

Dr Aniko Ekart and Dr Sylvia Wong

A very warm welcome to the Computer Science Group (CS) of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Aston University. I hope that your time as a postgraduate here will be stimulating, rewarding and enjoyable.

Our aim is to help you to succeed in your chosen MSc programme, Msc Computer Science, MSc IT Project Management or MSc Software Engineering. Your programme is designed to be challenging and with a view to you developing the technical and transferable skills you need in your future career.  Your success will depend to a large extent on a strong personal commitment: in the final analysis, the onus is on you to succeed – it is essential that you fully participate in lectures and tutorials and that you engage with coursework soon after you receive it and get it done on time (not rushing it towards the submission deadline).  The big difference between students who achieve all they are looking for and those who don’t often comes down to time management and organisation.

Should problems of any type arise you should seek help: if the problem is of an administrative nature, for example, finding directions, timetable difficulties, etc. you should make enquiries at the Reception Desk of the EAS School Centre on the 1st floor.  For more academic issues, e.g. guidance on academic options, long-term illness, etc. you should contact me. 

The purpose of this Handbook is to provide you with some essential information that you will require. Of course, the Handbook cannot tell you everything you need to know, but each year we try to make it better without making it unwieldy. If the information you need isn’t in these pages, do not hesitate to ask!

Finally, I look forward to meeting you and wish you success in your studies here at Aston.