Sharing experience

Previous recipients  share their own experience about how the bursary enhanced their student experience.

I will use the bursary to help me with the course, buying all the necessary resources to succeed.

I have always been intrigued by the advancement of technology and its functionality. This has inspired me to try to become an electrical engineer. 

We live in an era where we are fully immersed in the development and use of technology, to a point where I myself would like to make my own mark in developing new technology. I do not want to be a mere user and consumer, but a developer and innovator in the world of technology. I will use the bursary to help me with the course, buying all the necessary resources to succeed. These resources will aid me on the electronic and electrical pathway. I will use the funds to purchase various books recommended to me through the year, and I will also need to purchase a laptop. 

I am a mature student, and the Peter Roberts Bursary will help towards my commute to University, and ease pressures allowing me to focus on my studies. 

I have always had an inquisitive and creative mind, so the idea that I could design and create a piece of technology that could improve the lives of humanity has always appealed to me. 

I decided to pursue electronic engineering with the hope that I will be part of the team that makes wearable defensive technology available to all. 

My parents and teachers used to insist that computers are the future, as as time passed, I realised my real field of interest is computers. 

At the age of 24, I decided to change my career altogether and opted for a full time Computer Engineering degree. I chose Aston University because of the provision for the foundation year. Aston's placement year, student satisfaction levels, employability and fantastic reputation made it very easy for me to choose my place of study. 

The Peter Roberts Bursary will help with my fees. 

The Peter Roberts Bursary helped me successfully finish the Foundation Year, and now I've progressed onto a mechanical engineering degree at Aston. 

I'm doing a module called Creative Innovation Design (CDIO) which allows for a very practical approach to engineering: exactly what I was hoping for!

The Peter Roberts Bursary helped me through the Foundation Year, and I am now studying Mechanical Engineering. I've started my own clothing line, and I've applied for the BMW StartUp course to begin a successful career. 

Seeing family members struggle through life because they had not completed their education put me in a position where I wanted to go into the best field possible.I believe engineering is that field, and one that I will thoroughly enjoy due to my passion for mathematics, chemistry and physics. 

I'm a big believer in doing what you enjoy, and I hope that one day I can go into my field of engineering and make my family proud. 

Ayub Khan

Without this bursary I would not have been be able to get as much out of my studies as I have. The Bursary also motivated me towards my course and my goals. 

I was awarded the Peter Roberts Bursary this year.  I used it to buy books that were recommended by my lecturers. I also bought a laptop to carry out my research and do my reports.

I am so delighted to have chosen a foundation year. We had a chance to experience each engineering course before we actually chose one to specialise in.  The lecturers are very helpful and we had representatives from large companies come in each week  to talk to us. You can ask questions and listen to people who have been in the same place as you and see how they reached the place where they are now!  

I will never ever regret the foundation year and am very grateful for the Peter Roberts Bursary which helped me achieve my best.

Maurisio Kudadirgwa, Peter N Roberts Bursary

I am one of the beneficiaries of the Peter Roberts Bursary. The Bursary has helped me enormously during my time as a student and I would encourage enrolling foundation students to apply. 

I used to travel to the University very early every morning to be able to go to the library for access to the internet.  This was very difficult for me. When l received the bursary, l bought a laptop and mobile broadband connection. What a difference that made to my study time! It  helped me immensely because l had unlimited access to Blackboard and no longer needed to travel in the early hours. 

I am very grateful to Peter Roberts for establishing this Bursary.  The foundation year at Aston gave me the basic necessary theoretical and practical skills required of an engineer. It enabled me to choose an appropriate degree programme that l really wanted to do. Finally, it gave me the platform and confidence l lacked to proceed with my studies.

Jack Martin, Peter N Roberts Bursary

The bursary helped me to assimilate into university life and allowed me to do more of the things which most other students do.

The bursary allowed me to invest in a high end computer, an essential tool as an Electronic Engineering & Computer Science student.

The foundation year gave me an upper hand in many areas as the modules are geared to the individual degree courses. I entered the first year of a degree already having friends on a variety of different EAS courses, which has proven to be a valuable network.