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The MSc in Professional Engineering is a a work-based learning course designed, approved, delivered and managed by Aston University, in collaboration with the Engineering Council UK (ECUK). The end result of the course is cost effective engineering staff development to the highest professional standards.

The course is designed to maximise the potential benefit engineers and their employers get from the investment in professional development. It leads to both an MSc degree and Chartered Engineer status, this is a 3 year part-time course.

Each engineer on the course has their own unique course made up of a series of work-based projects. Learning is specifically focused on employment needs, and gives immediate benefit to their employment value.

Projects are carried in real time in the workplace and engineers don’t have to take time away from work to attend university.

The engineers receive frequent mentoring support in the workplace from a Chartered Engineer and high quality academic mentoring from an Academic Supervisor.

For further information download the brochure or visit the MSc Professional Engineering web page. Alternatively phone +44 (0)121 204 3668 or email seaspgtaught@aston.ac.uk

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