Live chat with your foundation degree academic and support team

Our live chats give you the opportunity to talk to our academic staff and your support administrator on line and ask them any questions you might have about the programme. We have intentionally set the chat up so that you may access the chat and post anonymously if you so wish.

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Live chat Foundation Degree Power Engineering & Engineering students

You can view our previous live chat stream below:

Live Blog Live chat for Foundation Degree Power Engineering
Our panelists
Staff Profile

Staff Profile

Steve Luke
Programme Director
Steve Luke is the Programme Director for the FDEng Power Engineering and Engineering programmes
Staff Profile

Staff Profile

Lee Jenkins
Programme Leader Year 1/Project Coordinator
Lee Jenkins is the Programme Leader for Year 1 and also the Project Coordinator
Staff Profile

Staff Profile

Billy Andrews
Programme Leader, Inverness College
Billy Andrews is the Programme Leader at Inverness College
Staff Profile

Staff Profile

Anita Suman
Programme Administrator
Anita Suman is the Programme Administrator