Welcome to the School of Engineering and Applied Science

Professor Ian Nabney, Executive Dean

Ian Nabney, Executive Dean

Engineering and science lie right at the heart of human endeavour. We respond well to substantial challenges; they inspire us to try things out, to build models and prototypes, to stretch the boundaries of what is known, to learn from our failures, and in so doing to advance knowledge and to better the world.

High quality skills in engineering and the application of science are increasingly critical for our future - our individual futures, our collective futures as citizens of different countries and geographies, and indeed, the future of the world. We face enormous global challenges, and we need our engineers and scientists to be well trained and intensely focused on finding solutions. It’s a good time to be an engineer.

Aston University has a long tradition in engineering and applied science with many distinguished graduates reflecting that proud and successful tradition. I am proud of our achievement in the recent Research Assessment Exercise. It speaks to our strengths – but equally importantly it speaks to our future potential.

The School of Engineering and Applied Science has been very successful in helping our students find interesting and stimulating placement opportunities. Our Matrix-accredited Careers Service provides outstanding support in helping our graduates find rewarding positions. The School is very well engaged with our regional community. Nevertheless, we are constantly exploring ways we can improve in all of these areas.

Our Vice-Chancellor has presented us with a substantial challenge with the vision of Aston 2020. As good engineers and scientists do when faced with an important but difficult challenge, we will rise to it. We will do more though - we will also make material contributions to the global challenges facing our discipline. We will lead, and we will partner aggressively.

Come and join us on this exciting journey!

Please feel free to contact me directly at i.t.nabney@aston.ac.uk - or contact specific individuals in the School.