Mathematics for Industry: a demand of the present for the future

Owing to the explosion in the knowledge economy, the manufacturing and service industries have already changed enormously in recent years. Far more dramatic changes are expected in years to come.

The increasing automation of the modern industry requires those who are able to understand sophisticated technical matters and formulate advance mathematical models to implement solutions to technical problems.

Our Mathematics for Industry Programme focuses on forming graduates with a strong mathematical background to address problems generated in industry and require solutions relevant to that sector. We are responding to the growing need for mathematically trained personnel in industry and business. Employees with strong analytical and problem-solving skills built upon solid mathematical, statistical and numerical foundations are valued highly in both sectors, but that profile is not coming up from most traditional mathematics programs.

In addition to mathematics, an appropriate mathematics for industry background requires elements from computing, engineering and finance.  Our Programme is designed to cover fundamental topics from all those areas. Below are some examples of what you will learn on our Mathematics for Industry programme.

  • Statistical Machine Learning
  • Network Science
  • Finance
  • Signal Processing
  • Probabilistic Modelling
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Fluid Dynamics and Turbulence


Mathematics for Industry