Group Members

Teaching Staff

Research Staff

  • Dr Val Franklin (Contract Research Fellow)
  • Dr Darren Campbell (Contract Research Associate) 
  • Dr Fiona Lydon (Research Fellow)
  • Dr Anisa Mahomed (Research Fellow)
  • Dr Aisling Mann (Research Fellow)
  • Dr Khalid Doudin (Research Fellow)
  • Selma Riasat (Research Fellow)
  • Dr Husam  Sheena (Research Fellow)
  • Olga Efremova (Research Fellow)
  • Dr Daniel Nowakowski (Research Fellow)
  • Dr Xi Yu (Research Fellow)
  • Virginia Saez (Research Fellow)
  • Dr Christopher Parlett (Research Associate)
  • Dr Lachlan Ciddor (Research Associate)
  • Dr James Bennett (Research Associate)
  • Dr Santosh Kumar (Research Associate)
  • Dr Xingguang Zhang (Research Associate)
  • Dr Priscilla Johnston (Research Associate)
  • Dr Zhijun Tai (Research Associate)

Support Staff

Contact Us

For details of visit days, or for any further information, or even if its only for an informal chat, please contact. 
The Admissions Office
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Aston University
Aston Triangle
Birmingham, B4 7ET, UK
Tel: 0121 204 3659
Email: engineering@aston.ac.uk

For enquiries concerning undergraduate programmes please contact:

Mrs Margaret Ebanks
Taught Programme Administrator
School of Engineering & Applied Science
Aston University, Aston triangle, Birmingham, B4 7ET, UK
Tel: 0121 204 3572
Email: m.e.ebanks@aston.ac.uk

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research