Learning and teaching on your course

Your School of study aims to:

  • provide teaching staff, study materials and an outline for each module with details of learning and assessment
  • encourage teaching staff to develop and enhance their teaching skills
  • provide a timetable for teaching and assessment
  • assess work fairly and provide meaningful and timely feedback
  • provide opportunities to give  feedback on your learning experience personally and through student representatives

We ask you to:

  • be active in learning, attend required classes , engage in group, team and laboratory work, and undertake assigned assessments.
  • submit work on time and take note of feedback so as to enhance and improve your learning.
  • inform your Course Director or School Office as soon as possible of anything which might affect your studies.
  • give feedback when requested, including completing national and University surveys and questionnaires.interact positively with staff and students from a broad range of cultural backgrounds.


Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research