About the National Student Survey (NSS)

Aston University Graduation Day, Birmingham Town Hall
Aston University Graduation Day, Birmingham Town Hall

What is the National Student Survey (NSS)?

It's a annual survey of final year undergraduates at all UK Universities and Colleges about their learning and teaching experiences.

The UK Government Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE) has commissioned Ipsos MORI, an independent survey organisation, to undertake the NSS.

The survey will launch in January 2016

Results will:

  • Help to improve and evaluate the student experience across the UK and at Aston
  • Help prospective students choose their future university and course.
  • Help influence external benchmarks such as University league tables and rankings

How long will it take to complete and what are the questions?

The survey will take you five to ten minutes - or a couple of minutes more to add some optional comments (which are extremely useful to us too). It's completely anonymous.

The survey consists of 22 questions. The questions ask you to rate aspects of your studies at Aston with 5 possible answers, with "definitely agree" and "mostly agree" the most positive. Some newspaper rankings only take those "definitely agree" and "mostly agree" as positive even if no-one actually gives a negative response.

There is also a "not applicable, N/A" option so you are able to tick that box if you feel that a particular question does not apply to you or your degree course.

How will my responses to the Survey help?

The NSS is one of the ways Aston University finds out what our students think along with our own surveys, staff-student committees and other forums. The results are used along with other student feedback to decide what actions the University takes, and how it invests for the future.

Externally, the results are also used by Newspapers such as The Times, Independent and Guardian for their University rankings and league tables, which in turn are used by employers and prospective students.

Aston takes the results of the NSS seriously. We have consistently performed above the UK average and many subject areas have seen improvements year on year. Of course, we want to do better, so your responses are vital.

You can view the survey results on the unistats.com website.
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