Mature Students' Welcome Induction                                                  

Every year we hold a Mature Students' Welcome Induction. The induction, organised and hosted by the Learner Enhancement Team , is an opportunity to visit the University before term starts, resolve any worries, develop your study skills and help you to make the most of your time with us.

If you are a mature student that has accepted an offer to start at Aston University, you will be invited to attend the Mature Students' Welcome Induction. Here you can make new friends, get to know the university and get a head start on your studies! The induction programme includes:

  • Study skills sessions
  • Social activities
  • Meeting academic and support staff
  • Q&A with current students

This is a perfect opportunity to talk to both new and current mature students in a relaxed and friendly environment.

MS induction
Mature Student Induction