Oyster Card for travel in London during your placement year

Aston students undertaking a placement as part of their full-time undergraduate sandwich degree where the workplace is based in London may apply for an 18+ Student Oyster Card.

The Oyster Card is a plastic smartcard which travellers can use in the place of paper tickets.

To be eligible for the card the placement needs to be:

  • An integral part of the degree
  • 14 weeks minimum based in London
The benefits of this card are:
  • 30% discount off adult rate travel cards
  • 30% discount off weekly, monthly and yearly bus passes
  • 30% discount off weekly, monthly and yearly tram passes

To apply you will need to pay a £10 administration fee to Transport for London (TfL) and complete an online application form which requires you to provide a digital photo of yourself.

When you have completed this initial application step please email Patrick Coughlan in the Hub: fau@aston.ac.uk

You will need to provide your undergraduate student ID number which appears on the orange strip of your university ID card and the unique reference number that your application to TfL will generate using the link above.

The Student Funds Administrator will check your placement details and forward these on a TfL template confirmation letter to the travel company on behalf of the University.

Transport for London will then process your application and contact you independently of the University.

If your Placement in London ends before your expected end date please contact the Student Funds Administrator as your Oyster Card discount scheme will need to be cancelled.

Checked & updated PJC 19/03/2014

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