Raman Mistry Scholarship

Raman Mistry studied at Aston University between 1974 and 1977.  Having limited funds he applied for a Grant and was fortunate enough to receive it.  This income was very useful in successfully pursuing his education.

Raman says: “to this day, I am eternally grateful.  Without this help, I would not be where I am today and I would never have done so much or progressed so much if I didn’t pursue my education at Aston.  Aston was the foundation for my life and a stepping stone to go further.  A university education opens so many doors.  No person should be turned back from studying due to a lack of funds.”

The scholarship provides discretionary financial assistance to a successful applicant each academic year.  The total amount awarded varies each year.

The Student Funds Administrator identifies eligible students for the scholarship using the following criteria:
  • Current undergraduate students in
    years 2 – 4
  • Home (UK) students
  • Low Income family
  • Achieving excellent grades via a
  • reference from their School

Each student is invited to apply for the Scholarship stating their reasons for applying for the prize and how they will use the Scholarship during their time at Aston University.

The successful candidate is chosen by an award making panel and advised of their decision in writing. The successful candidate must agree to share the following information with the benefactor of this Scholarship to ensure his donation is being properly distributed;

  • Name and photo
  • School and course
  • A short paragraph to explain how the scholarship will assist them in their education at the University.
The Student Funds Administrator will contact students

who meet the eligibility criteria during Term 2 of each academic year.

  Checked and updated PJC 25/05/2012


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