Police registration

As a condition of your visa, you may need to register with the police within seven days of arriving in the UK. You will have a stamp in your passport which states that you need to register with the Police. Students from certain countries are required to register with the Police. If you are unsure, please contact us. If your personal details change, you must inform the police.

Please remember: If you are required to register, but fail to do so, or don't keep your details up-to-date, you will be breaking your visa regulations. This is a serious offence.

Registering with the Police for the first time

If you are arriving at the start of the academic year in September or October, we'll send you information in advance about police registration.  If you arrive later in the year, you will need to go to the Overseas Visitors Registration Office in person to register with the police. When you first go to register with the police, you will need to take the following things with you:

  • your passport
  • two identical passport sized photographs
  • £34 (correct change if possible). Do not take a £50 note
  • an enrolment or offer letter from Aston University - which includes your address
  • your completed Police Registration application form.

Changing your details

You must inform the Police within seven days if any the following details change. Your: 

  • address (if you are living on campus or in private halls and you move rooms, you do not need to inform the Police)
  • university / college
  • course
  • work place
  • marital status
  • visa conditions or expiry date
  • passport

To update your details you need to complete a different registration form and provide proof of your new details. You will need to take your current Police registration certificate to the Overseas Visitors Registration Office in person to change your details. There is no charge for this service. 

Overseas Visitors Registration Office

The Overseas Visitors Registration Office is located at:

West Midlands Police HQ
Lloyd House
Colmore Circus Queensway
B4 6NQ

Opening hours and map

Last checked PD 24/02/2014

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