Our Client Care Statement

Client Care Statement
Client Care Statement

 The Aston University International Student Advice Team is committed to providing a first class international student advice and support service.  We have produced a Client Care Statement which explains how our service works, what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.  You can view our Client Care Statement by clicking on the image. 

Contacting us for advice

You can contact us for advice by email at astoninternational@aston.ac.uk, by calling International Student Services on 0121 204 4567 or by booking an appointment to see an International Student Adviser at The Hub. Before we can offer you individual advice or assistance, we will need you to read our Client Care Statement and complete an online Instruction Form which confirms that you are happy with the terms of our service and that you would like us to advise and assist you. Once you have submitted the form we will be able to answer your query.

GZ 09/02/2018