Student visitor visas

If you are coming to study at Aston University for 6 months or less, you have the option of applying for a student visitor visa. You do not need to apply for a Tier 4 General visa under the points based immigration system. You may find the following useful:

How do I apply for a Student Visitor Visa?

Your School of Study at Aston University will supply you with a letter confirming your course details and other information. You will need to submit this letter with your application..

You can find further information on the Home Office website

Documents required can be found on page 5 of the "Supporting documents guidance - visitors and direct airside transit" PDF.

To apply online, please visit the Visa4UK website.

If the online application is not supported in your country, please email issu@aston.ac.uk for further advice. 

When applying online, please make sure you do not apply for a General Visitor Visa as we may not be able to enrol you on this visa. Please select the following options when applying:

Visitor Visas

Repeating assessments

If you are on a longer course at Aston but you are asked by your School of Study to repeat assessments without attendance (for example - just sitting the exams in January or June), you may need to leave the UK and return with a Student Visitor visa to complete your assessments. If you think this applies to you, please book an appointment with an International Student Adviser to discuss the situation.

Extended student visitor visas

English language students wishing to attend exclusively English language courses are able to apply for an extended student visitor visa allowing them to stay for up to 11 months. The extended student visitor visa concession is only available to applicants outside the UK.

Visit the UKCISA website for further information about the 11 month student visitor visas.

Can I work if I am studying on a Student Visitor Visa?

Unfortunately under the Student Visitor category you are not permitted to undertake any work at all, whether it is paid or unpaid.  You must adhere to the conditions of the visa category under which you have been given permission to study in the UK or you will be in breach of the immigration rules. 

Contact us

Should you have any questions regarding your visa application or the necessary documentation required, please contact our International Student Advisers on 0121 204 4567 or email issu@aston.ac.uk. Our International Student Advisers can also offer Skype appointments, please see our contact page for their details.

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