HOST Short-term Family Visits

What is HOST?

HOST is an organisation offering international and EU/EEA students the opportunity to be a guest in a British home. The hosts are volunteers who provide a friendly welcome and enjoy meeting people from other countries. All volunteers are checked and approved by HOST. To apply for a visit, please contact HOST and follow their application procedure.

How do I pay?

You should apply to HOST in the usual way through their website. You will then need to make a payment to Aston for your contribution to the cost of the visit.

How much does it cost?

HOST is a charity organisation, and to cover their administrative costs the full fee for each student weekend visit is £60 (including VAT). To help you take advantage of the brilliant opportunities offered by a HOST visit, from 1st August 2013 Aston will contribute £30 towards your first visit. This means that you only have to pay £30 to Aston for your first visit.

Please note: These lower administrative fees are available for the first visit only and for the first 60 students that apply in 2013/14. Any additional visits or additional students will incur the full fee of £60, still to be paid to Aston.

You can also go on a day visit (meaning you will not stay overnight with your host) which only costs £36 and from 1st August 2013 Aston will contribute £18 towards the cost of your first day visit.  This means you only have to pay £18 to Aston for your first day visit.  However we will only contribute towards the cost of either your first weekend visit or your first day visit, we cannot contribute towards both.

If you have any questions about HOST, please contact Laura Bryan in the Hub Advice Zone by email l.bryan@aston.ac.uk

Read more about HOST

Download the latest HOST newsletter, and read other students' experiences of visiting their host family.

Pay online now

Pay online now

After you've applied for a visit on the HOST website, pay online here.

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