Aston Support Fund 2014/2015

The Aston Support Fund is for Home students who are in genuine unexpected financial difficulties.  If you apply and your application is successful there are different ways we may help you.  This could be by awarding you a non-repayable grant, a short-term loan or providing you with specific money advice that is tailored to your needs.

The awards provided from this fund are limited to a maximum total of £2,500 in any academic year.  You may be considered for an award if you are experiencing an unforeseen situation that will not be resolved in the near future and that has impacted on your financial capability to afford your basic living costs.

These awards are offered as part of a short-term solution of between 1 and 10 weeks and should not be relied upon each academic year.

For further information or to speak to a Student Adviser please contact the Hub.

You may apply to the Aston Support Fund here.

The application process asks you to discuss the financial provision you had in place to cover your tuition fees and living costs and it asks you to also explain what has happened to change the financial provision you made prior to enrollment/re-enrollment.  You may be asked to submit evidence of your circumstances so that we can fully consider your situation and assess your income and expenditure.

The Aston Support Fund Policy document.

Checked and updated 04/11/2014

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