Fire Safety Awareness Training - FAQs

Q - Why has attendance been made mandatory?

The University has a legal obligation to ensure that all employees are made aware of the fire safety arrangements within the University.

Q - Why should I attend?

As an employee, you have a legal obligation to cooperate with your employer to ensure the workplace is safe from fire and its effects, and not to do anything which may place yourself or otherĀ peopleĀ at risk.

This obligation is even more important when you have responsibility for others, may this be as a manager or supervisor, lecturer or technician for example.

Q - I have already attended a session within the last two years, do I need to re-attend?

It is well known that skills can fade when not utlised and so refresher training is an important way of ensuring that our knowledge is kept up to date. At the momnent, it is recommended that training is repeated once every two years.

Q - What will happen if I fail to attend the mandatory training session?

Details of those who have failed to attend any of the sessions held over the last two years will be collated by the Safety Office and passed to the University Executive Team who will decide upon the action to be taken.

Q - How long does the session last?

The session lasts for approximately one and a half hours.

Q - What will happen if I arrive late?

For the benefit of those staff who arrive on time and due to the fact that all information contained within the presentation is essential, late comers will not be permitted to enter.

Q - What if I need to leave a session early?

It is essential that you stay for the entire session. If you need to leave early, your name will be taken and removed from the attenance list. You will need to attend a future session.

Q - Do I need to book in?

There is no need to book, just arrive in plently of time to swipe or sign in.