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Health and Safety Unit

Mission and Values

Our mission is to make a valid contribution to the strategic direction of Aston University. We are dedicated to reducing injuries, accidents and ill health, and improving the wellbeing of all staff and students. We will achieve this by providing tailored, comprehensive advice to managers, high quality training and managing the implementation of regulatory requirements. We will provide high quality and easy to use resources in a timely manner and encourage and support professional growth of all health and safety coordinators.

Our vision is a partnership with staff and students who are aware of risks and are empowered to learn, discover and work in a manner that protects everyone.

The University Employee and Family Assistance Programme is a free, independent, confidential helpline, available to all our staff and family members at any time of the day or night. You can discuss a range of work, personal and family issues. Please call 0800 980 6830. You will be asked to provide your name but this will never be shared with the University.

As well as professional consultations and counselling in person and over the phone, the EFAP has extensive practical advice and resources through the LIVEWELL website. 

Go to livewell.optum.com. The access code is astonuni

The Health and Safety Unit ensures active monitoring is carried out and provides:

  • High quality information and guidance to assure legal compliance
  • Tailored training solutions to ensure the highest quality provision and learning outcomes
  • Support to empower managers and health and safety coordinators so that they are competent, confident and capable
  • A flexible advisory service with a ‘can happen’ approach
  • Effective partnerships that foster cooperation and collaboration
  • Guidance on risk assessment and action planning to assist managers in development of skills
  • Consistent and regular high quality reports and statistical data to assist the University in identifying areas for improved resources and targeting areas in need of improvement
  • Wellbeing initiatives and effective and sensible health and safety solutions to all those who work, study and use the Aston University premises.

Contact Us

To report any issues, send a completed accident form or request information contact the team on: