Frequently asked questions

Do I need to register if I am NOT attending my ceremony?

YES - you MUST register online through MAP by the deadline of  Friday 28th February 2014, even if you wish your degree to be conferred to absentia or if you wish to defer graduation for a year.

If you want to be awarded ‘in absentia’ (not attend the ceremony or any future ceremony), you must confirm the address where your certificate should be posted to (through MAP), otherwise you may NOT receive your certificate (the Registry will keep your certificate at the University as they will not know what address to post it out too). 

Please note that you will NOT receive your certificate until after the April ceremonies have taken place (the certificate needs to be validated by the Chancellor at the degree ceremony first).

Please do not wait for exam results before registering; failure to register by the deadline of Friday 28th February 2014 will result in you not be allocated a place in the ceremony.  If you are in any doubt as to whether you will graduate in April 2014, you must still register via MAP. If necessary, your name can be withdrawn at a later stage.

I have registered for the April graduation ceremony; does this mean I have successfully completed my programme of study?

NO, you should not take registration to mean that you have successfully completed your programme of study. If you are in any doubt about your eligibility to graduate, please contact your appropriate School at Aston University.

When will I receive my guest tickets for the graduation ceremony and how many will I receive?

When you register for graduation via MAP, you are asked to denote how many guest tickets you would like. PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME THAT YOUR REQUEST FOR TICKETS ON MAP IS THE SAME AS ACTUALLY BOOKING THE TICKETS.

Seating in the Birmingham Town Hall Auditorium is limited, your seat is pre-allocated, therefore you DO NOT need a guest ticket for yourself.

Every graduand can request up to 4 guest tickets. The first two tickets are free when booking with the Town Hall Box Office.  Any additional tickets cost £10 each.

All tickets including the two free ones need to be booked with the Birmingham Town Hall Box Office.

After Graduation Registration on MAP has closed, the Graduation Office will contact you via email with the date and time of when the Box Office will open and give you further information on how to book your tickets. You will find out at this point whether you have been allocated any extra £10 tickets and these tickets can be purchased from the Box Office at the same time as you book your two free ones.  Please note that a £2.50 fee per transaction will be charged on all bookings and a £1 fee for postage, except purchases made in person at the Box Office.

When booking tickets, the Box Office will give you an order number which should be kept safe. If guest tickets are lost then the order number will be required before replacements will be considered.

Please also be aware that there are no overflow facilities at the Birmingham Town Hall or the University (as the ceremonies are not filmed and cannot be video linked). Guests without tickets are welcome to wait back at the Aston University campus where catering facilities are available.  The foyer at the Town Hall is very small and can become heavily congested.  High levels of noise coming from the foyer can be heard inside the Auditorium and can spoil the atmosphere of the ceremony, therefore guests without tickets should be encouraged to stay on campus.

Please note that the Graduation Office will send you reminder emails to book guest tickets and robes.  If you do not book robes and tickets by the Friday 21st March 2014, the Graduation Office will assume that you no longer want to attend the ceremony and amend your record accordingly.

What time do I need to arrive on the day?

You must arrive at least two and half hours before your ceremony commences. This will allow you enough time to collect your robes from the University, travel to the Town Hall and collect your guest tickets (if applicable) and register at Checkpoint.

Please make sure that you are aware of any road works that can affect your journey on the day. If you think you are going to be late, please contact the Graduation office at Aston University as soon as you can on +44 (0)121 204 4551.

If you or your guests are coming from a long distance, it may be an idea to book accommodation in Birmingham the night before your ceremony. The University offers accommodation at special rates. Please contact +44 (0) 121 204 3726/3011 or via email at r.biran@aston.ac.uk


In order to take part in the ceremony, you must be at the Checkpoint in the Birmingham Town Hall by 9.30am (for the 10.30am ceremony), 12.30pm (for the 1.30pm ceremony) and 3.30pm (for the 4.30pm ceremony).

Once you have checked in, you must find your seat in the Auditorium and remain seated until the ceremony begins. If you fail to check in or check in late you may not be allowed into the Auditorium or be conferred on stage by the Chancellor.


What happens to my guests when I go to Checkpoint?

Guests with tickets should find their seats in the Auditorium, whilst you go to Checkpoint.

How do I know if I have ordered the correct robe?

As long as you have stated the correct School and attainment on the order, your robes should be correct.

How long does the ceremony last?

Approximately one hour and fifteen minutes at most.

When do I receive my certificate?

If you attend the ceremony you will receive your certificate in person during the ceremony (providing you do not have a University debt). If you do not attend, your certificate (provided you do not have a University debt) will be sent to you by recorded delivery the week following the ceremony, please note that it can take up to three weeks for the certificate to arrive in the post.

Where can I park on the day of my ceremony?

There is no parking available on campus; alternative parking may be found at Millennium Point (which is located a few minutes’ walk away from the University) or alternatively City Centre parking.

The University will be offering a free ‘park and ride service’ to the Town Hall and back for graduands and guests. There will be a cut off time before each ceremony when the coaches will stop running. Please also note that the University and the  coach company will not take any responsibility for graduands and guests who arrive late for the ceremonies. It is the responsibility of graduands and guests to arrive on time.


Is there provision for disabled parking?

Please note that there are a few disabled car parking spaces available on campus and at the Birmingham Town Hall. Any graduands or guests requiring disabled car parking need to contact the Graduation office via graduation@aston.ac.uk for advice. Please note that you will need a blue badge in order to obtain a disabled car parking space, details for the badge as well as the make, model and registration number for your car will be asked for by the Graduation Office.

Does the university provide facilities at the ceremonies for those with special needs?

If you or your guests have any special requirements, then please enter the requirements onto MAP by Friday 28th February 2014. Aston University will make every effort to ensure that individual needs are met.


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