What to wear

You will need to buy or hire academic robes for your graduation ceremony. Along with this you should wear:

Men: a dark suit with a plain shirt and tie (please note that dark blue, grey or any similar colour is suitable).

Women: a plain dark dress or a white blouse with a suit, or dark skirt or trousers. Degree Congregations are formal occasions, so alternative to this may be worn - casual attire however is not deemed appropriate.

Suitable alternatives to the male and female outfits suggested may be worn for religious and cultural reasons. Your outfit should always be formal.

It may be useful to know that clothing with a button front is preferable for attaching the hood. It is advisable to bring some safety pins for your gown and hairgrips may be useful for your hat.

The University does not permit the wearing of t-shirts, denim jeans or trainers on graduation day. You WILL NOT be allowed to graduate in t-shirts denim jeans or trainers - please do not risk missing your graduation ceremony by wearing inappropriate clothing and footwear.

Please note that if you wear a turban, then this will exempt you from wearing an official graduation cap.

Please also bear in mind you will be walking up and down steps to reach the stage, so please do wear sensible footwear.


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